Dov Shurin

Dov Shurin

Dov Shurin
Dov Shurin
No one has actually been able to categorize Dov Shurin. This radio star and singer has been accused of being an extremist with right wing views. But he says simply that he is ‘extremely’ in love with the One Above!

He claims to love all Jews and in fact all people, all of G-d’s creations. He has no problem saying he likes and understands people like Yossi Belin, head of the extreme left Meretz faction. He has lost friends by saying he loves all people including Arabs.

In fact, Christians raise money to pay for his albums, yet his opinion of Jesus is that he was a renegade Jew who fought the Rabbis and he simply was a bad man. On what does he base this? On the fact that so many innocent people were killed in his name. Shurin asks, “What had he done, that now he has to look down from above and witness people being killed in his name?” Logically, he must have been bad.

Yet Shurin feels that christianity his just fine for Christians. They think G-d is ‘busy’ so he appointed a so called son to run things down here? Fine. They aren’t Jews. they haven’t reached the unity of G-d’s oneness.

With Islam, he feels that once Allah has been transformed into a human sacrifice loving god, Islam has crossed a red line. And now he has to differentiate between ‘normal’ Moslems that are for peace and have a deity which is a ‘chip off the old block’ of Hashem, Master of the Universe, and Muslims that are his enemies and that he must fight.

The themes of Shurin’s songs are connected to the Torah view of current events, as he sees it. And so Shurin made an album titled “Madly in Love with the One Above,” When he felt that not enough people were loving G-d. This album opened the door to the popular Israeli bumper sticker “Hakodosh Baruch Hu We love you.

When the Palestinians started the Al-Aksa Intifada he made the album “Biblical Revenge.” For he felt that ONLY war would solve the crises and the Jews needed to take revenge in order to instill fear in their enemies as a preparation for victory. One song on this album, “Zachreni Na” became the big hit of the Israeli combat units. And it is being presented at concerts and weddings the world over.

His album, “Masters of the Land” has almost a prophetic undertone, for it was completed shortly before the Israeli government started on the path to disengagement and the attempt to expell Jews from parts of historical Israel. And the big song is a magnificent hit song, to the words of G-d’s message from Amos 9/11, “I will plant them on their land and they will NEVER AGAIN be UPROOTED from the land which I have given to them (V’lo Yinatchu).”

Dov lives in Jerusalem and has nine children, and six grandchildren. He avoids the public eye by asking very much money for concerts. He says, I’m the most misunderstood person in the Jewish world. The left thinks I’m right. The right thinks I’m nuts, And I love them all, as I wait for the day when we unite and fight and drive our enemies from the land!”

Until then, he waits on the sidelines as more and more people walk by humming and singing his amazing songs.